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For over 14 years we have helped hundreds of businesses achieve the results they deserve. We’re different from most advertising mediums. We do not entertain. Residents of our community use Savings Safari to stretch their budget, and to spend their dollars more wisely. That’s why we call ourselves a buyer’s magazine. Consumers use Savings Safari to make buying decisions. After mailing over 50,000,000 magazines in Brevard County “WE ARE A HOUSEHOLD NAME”. We support our advertisers’ expectations, and can help you get the most out of your advertising dollar. Why do advertisers use Savings Safari? We produce results!

Equal Advertisers

We were initially designed with the small business owner in mind. Yet corporations and national chains have found the high-quality graphics in our full-color, high-gloss publication an immediate draw. Our services take you from start to finish. Your Ad is professionally designed, printed then mailed directly to your customers.

Cost Effectiveness

Our ad rates range from .005 to .03 cents per piece. Affordable pricing makes it easy to see why Savings Safari’s value cannot be matched by any other advertising resource. We give your company’s message “Shelf Life” more than any other form of media in Brevard County. Consumers keep our publication on average of 3 to 4 weeks giving your message the repetitiveness of costly multiple ads in other publications. Our advertisers’ messages are in consumers’ homes and hands 24/7. Coverage and reach are both important in estimating a value of an advertisement. The use of direct mail has made us the dominant medium in our market.

Targeting Your Customers

We are the largest circulation of any printed media in the county that currently mails with the United States Postal Service who hand delivers to over 200,000 residential addresses 24 times a year. Income specific demographics beginning with a minimum median average income of $25,000 and up to unlimited median average income are chosen to maximize results for advertisers. Each of our six mailing zones average 33,000 addresses consisting of 26 total zip codes. We reach over 400,000 readers per issue, that’s over 87% of all local consumers. We insure the accuracy of our mailing list by updating more frequently than most direct mail publications. All advertisers in our publication are also featured on our popular web site, not only attracting the attention of local consumers but also the millions on the World Wide Web.


Our publication, Savings Safari, is a full-color, high-gloss magazine. Research tell us that the quality of the advertisement has a definite effect on the readership and response to the promotion. It is a proven fact that color sells over 40% more than traditional black & white ads. We work with you to produce an incredible ad specifically designed to emphasize your business. We are confident your ad will give a first impression that lasts! It’s remarkable track-record guarantees Direct Mail will always be an integral part of any prosperous company’s media plans. We at Savings Safari have taken this concept a step further by offering all businesses the opportunity to use Direct Mail at an extremely affordable price. There is no better way to reach the buying public than Savings Safari!