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Hit your Target

audience with strategic list services

Direct Graphix will work with you to define and hit your target audience with specific list criteria. Look at your current customers to define characteristics that are defined by demographics and psychographics. Demographics include items such as age, income, gender. Psychographic data would include a consumers buying preference, lifestyle, value, attitudes, and interest. The research and detail you collect will serve as a foundation for acquiring a targeted mailing list. Direct Graphix can help you weed thru your data and drill down to key commonalities to help define your perfect “target” market and acquire the mailing list for your next direct mail campaign.

Let us help you. Reach the right customers the first time.

Why use our data services team?

Leverage consumer data to drive relevancy at the household-by-household level. Through our data mining processes, we can guarantee that your message is being seen by the correct audience.

Mailing List Generation

We create mailing lists

based on your objectives and target markets to ensure your message is reaching the right people.

Effective Marketing

With a better understanding of your customers, your marketing campaigns can be finely tuned so your content is reaching its targeted audience.

Efficient Operations

Knowing what your target audience wants means creating correct content that matches their interest. Less money wasted with improved results.

Address Validation

Avoid wasted postage due to return-to-sender or insufficient address returns by validating addresses against USPS National Change of Address (NCOA)

Reach your target audience

Mailing and data lists are one of the most important components to the success of any marketing campaign. Deliver advertising messages into the mailbox in 10 business days or less and right into the hands of the homeowners you want to attract.


New Mover Postcards

We know who’s new in town and we can help you reach them! Set a mailing campaign to automatically send each month. You can choose your target radius and isolate all new movers or just new home owners. Custom designed, printed and mailed.


Happy Birthday Cards

Yes we know what month your customers are celebrating their birthdays. Set a mailing campaign to automatically send each month

a special offer to celebrate with them. Perfect for restaurants to get diners and their family in the door.

Neighborhood Mailings

Let the neighbors know you just completed a job nearby for a new roof, new windows, new

landscaping, etc. Set a mailing campaign to mail radius mailings around your job sites to showcase your work and get new customers. Perfect also for Realtors to announce their just listed or sold properties.

Are you ready  to add us into your marketing equation?