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Direct Mail Plus Digital

Increase Campaign Response  by 23-46%

Seamlessly Track and Enhance your Direct Mail Results with Integrated Digital Technologies

Social Media Campaigns

Expand your direct mail campaign by hitting the same people through their social media profiles.

Online Ads and Follow-up

Re-engage website visitors who visited your website because of the direct mail piece with targeted ads on

the Google Display Network.

The results are in.

7 integrated digital technologies design to engage and convert your best targeted prospects bundled together in one package for maximum results.

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Seamlessly combine your direct mail marketing with integrated digital advertising to maximize campaign impact.

Monitor your campaign results in real time from our cloud-based digital marketing platform.

The Full Power of Digital Integration

Combine your direct mail marketing with 7 integrated digital technologies to maximize your campaign’s impact! Go even further and add two additional technologies with video ads through YouTube and Google Discover Feeds.

Pre-match your client’s mailing list to social media accounts and deliver the ads to those

people before, during, and after the mailing arrives.
Social Match

Provide full transparency on when your mail is expected to arrive in homes and confirmation of delivery on scanned mail pieces.

Mail Tracking

Consumers who are signed up will

receive an email preview of the mail arriving that day along with a full color ride along ad.
USPS Informed Delivery

A dedicated local or toll free number for the direct mail campaign to track calls received. Full demographics given and a copy of the

recorded call.
Call Tracking

Re-engage website visitors who left without taking an action by reminding them of their interest through retargeting ads on the Google Display Network.

Online Follow-Up

Re-engage website visitors who left without taking an action by reminding them of their interest through retargeting ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Social Media Follow-Up

Identify Anonymous website visitors by knowing who visited the website from the

direct mail campaign and what actions they took.

Capture attention and cut through the clutter with dynamic video in-stream ads! Serve video ads before users play their favorite YouTube videos to engage your audience.

YouTube Ads

Use the power of discovery to serve ads across Google feed environments including the Google Discover feed, YouTube homepage, and the promotions tabs in Gmail.

Discovery Ads
Finally, complete omnichannel attribution of your direct mail marketing campaigns!

Live Reporting Dashboard

Easily monitor each element of your PowerMail campaign online LIVE through our convenient client-side reporting dashboard.

Download your hottest leads, sorted by geography, to set up and deploy direct mail retargeting programs that further increase conversions!

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