Variable Data

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Variable Data and Personalization

XMPie®, UDirect™, UPlan™, and UImage™ is a suite of software specifically developed to enable supreme variable data within on-demand digital printing. What makes the package so significant is the ability to maximize personalization using variable data driven design.

Research shows that personalization has the ability to increase direct mail response rates by 50% to 90%. That’s extreme ROI. We’re all familiar with run-of-the-mill direct mail that contains our name throughout the piece for personalization. Imagine that x10! With the proper data source, we have the ability to literally customize the message and image of each and every printed piece, on-demand, on-the-fly.

Now imagine a special catalog designed to your likes, dislikes and desires and needs. Imagine a simple postcard that speaks just to you in words and pictures. It’s here, it’s affordable and ready to work for you! Contact us for your next project. We’d love to help you take it to the next level.